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Catholic School Security

Catholic School Security

Over the past several years we have seen increases in unprovoked violence against children in schools. In the past, private Catholic education provided significant protective factors that decreased the likelihood of these incidents occurring. While these protective factors still play a role in decreasing the chances of unprovoked school violence, they no longer afford immunity and even our Catholic school students are susceptible to common underlying factors such as isolation, depression and radicalization through technology.

These concerns are coupled with increased constraints in the law enforcement community through staffing shortages and low morale which has resulted in ever increasing response times to critical incidents.

Safety and Security Needs

Based on the factors mentioned above, the Catholic Schools Department of the Catholic Diocese of Fort Worth has contracted with a security firm that provides off duty law enforcement officers at each of our 17 school campuses during the school day to provide security as well as build relationships with staff and students which is critical in preventing and responding to catastrophic emergencies. In addition, many of our school campuses need security upgrades in order to deal with the current threat environment.

The comprehensive plan includes upgrades such as:

Security Vestibules and enhancements - $320,000

  • Cameras and control doors
  • 24/7 active surveillance on school campuses provides adequate monitoring and pre-active response to threats and issues.
  • Window laminates

Fencing - $320,000

Retired officers estimated costs: $1.36 million

  • Armed retired police officers to maintain a visible presence on campus during regular school hours to deter outside offenses.
Your Opportunity

This expense comes with a large price tag but is necessary to provide a safe learning environment for our students. The Diocese of Fort Worth and the Advancement Foundation have begun a very important school security initiative to help pay for these necessary expenses which amount to a $3.9 million initial investment and $2 million per year in following years to compensate the officers and counselors needed to protect and care for our most important asset, our kids. We need additional support. The lives of these children are priceless. Your donation to the Catholic School Security fund helps directly protect our students, faculty, and staff.

Please prayerfully consider a one-time or recurring contribution to this comprehensive plan with one of the giving levels suggested below:

  • $70 provide security for one child for an hour
  • $140 provide security for two children for an hour
  • $400 provide security for one student for a year
  • $600 provide security for the school for 1 day
  • $3,000 provide security for an entire child class for a day
  • $10,000 provide for all of the security needs of the school for one month
  • $120,000 provide all of the security needs of parish school for the year
  • Estimates based on a $2 million dollar goal with 5,100 students.

You can make an online donation or recurring gift below. If you’d like to give a gift of stock, real estate, qualified charitable distribution, mineral interest or another way, please contact Dianna Rhoads at 817-533-3174 or . All gifts to the Catholic School Security fund are tax-deductible.


Thank you for supporting the safety and security of Catholic Schools.




Renée Underwood, CFRE
Chief Development Officer of the Advancement Foundation

Dianna Rhoads
Gift Processing Supervisor

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